Day 3

July 9th 2017

For Day 3 of the SydArthur Fes­ti­val, we’re delight­ed to bring you a song that’s been on our turntable since 1982. ’My Plan’ by Russ Giguere is an aston­ish­ing­ly emo­tion­al near-reli­gious account of a psy­che­del­ic expe­ri­ence. Tak­en from his ambi­tious and only solo LP, HEXAGRAM 16, no one could have expect­ed this del­uge from an ex-mem­ber of the delight­ful­ly breezy Asso­ci­a­tion. But while only HEXAGRAM 16’s ‘Pega­sus’ reached sim­i­lar lofty realms as this song, it’s the Van Dyke Parks-ian/­David Ack­les-ian lyrics by Nils­son and Mike Nesmith col­lab­o­ra­tor Bill Mar­tin that so suc­cess­ful­ly keeps this song anchored to its own time.

NB. For those of you cur­rent­ly enjoy­ing cloud­less skies and with a 2018 SydArthur poster chart to hand, make sure you search out the Moon in this ear­ly stage of the fes­ti­val. The lunar cres­cent cur­rent­ly bur­nish­ing the night sky is a cracker!

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