Day 21

July 27th 2017

Day 21 is cel­e­brat­ed with the Elec­tras and their stu­pen­dous Soul R&B per­for­mance of ‘Action Woman’, the Litter’s leg­endary roast­ing of a not-hap­pen­ing girl­friend. Hail­ing from Ely, Min­neso­ta, it was the Elec­tras’ good for­tune to have made their vinyl state­ments on the short-lived Scot­ty Records, for it was also tem­po­rary home of Detroit’s the Lit­ter, whose orig­i­nal ‘Action Woman’ 45 had been released just months pre­vi­ous­ly. How­ev­er, the Elec­tras adapt­ed their ver­sion into a soul­ful kick­ass Paul Revere/Mitch Ryder work­out, replete with organ, fiery near raga Dervish gui­tar-work and plen­ty of that crack­le-mouthed Arch-Pop vocal­iz­ing that adds to every one of the Elec­tras 45s such a sweet infu­sion of Vision­ary mike tech­nique. Phew.

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