Day 17

July 23rd 2017

This is the day for us to lis­ten to ‘The Butcher’s Tale (West­ern Front 1914)’ by the Zom­bies, those plumy, oh-so-Eng­lish boys whose ‘She’s Not There’ was three years ahead of its time. Skip­ping on to the Sum­mer of Love, they released their album mas­ter­piece ODESSEY & ORACLE, from which comes the dread­ful beau­ty of this song. Over salvos of explo­sive Moog syn­the­siz­er and reversed sound FX, Rod Argent’s furi­ous har­mo­ni­um ped­alling dri­ves song­writer Chris White’s lost choir­boy vocals, as he cat­a­logues the places in which his friends have thus far fall­en – Gom­me­court, Thi­iep­val, Mametz Wood and French Ver­dun. Record­ed on July 20th 1967, the song was released in the US by Date Records, who believed its lyrics to be an oblique com­ment on the Viet­nam War. It did not chart.

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