July 7th – August 3rd 2016

Day 17

July 23rd 2016

Today, don’t scourge yourself with knotted ropes. Don’t flay the skin off your back. Instead search out ‘A Trial In Our Native Town’ by Denmark’s Savage Rose. Taken at a pace more suited to a pagan funeral procession, this 1968 endurothon occupies in reality an early ’90s doom monster for its sheer drunken howling-at-the-moon intensity. Annisette’s colossal vocal range takes us stratospheric as she unleashes a bizarre list of practices that leave listeners perplexed and scratching their heads. More mysterious than The Wicker Man, more ritualistic than ‘Not To Touch The Earth’. These renegade Scandos who during the early ’70s played free gigs at PLO camps: they are the types we should think about more often.

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Day 1: Thursday Jul :7th
Death of Syd Barrett
Day 2: Friday Jul :8th
Death of Percy Bysshe Shelley
Day 3: Saturday Jul :9th
Day 4: Sunday Jul :10th
Day 5: Monday Jul :11th
Day 6: Tuesday Jul :12th
Henry David Thoreau’s Birthday
Day 7: Wednesday Jul :13th
Day 8: Thursday Jul :14th
The Storming of the Bastille
Day 9: Friday Jul :15th
Roky Erickson’s Birthday
Day 10: Saturday Jul :16th
Day 11: Sunday Jul :17th
Day 12: Monday Jul :18th
Death of Nico
Day 13: Tuesday Jul :19th
Full Moon
Day 14: Wednesday Jul :20th
Death of Dieter Moebius
Day 15: Thursday Jul :21st
Day 16: Friday Jul :22nd
George Clinton’s Birthday
Day 17: Saturday Jul :23rd
Day 18: Sunday Jul :24th
Robert Graves’ Birthday
Day 19: Monday Jul :25th
Day 21: Wednesday Jul :27th
Day 22: Thursday Jul :28th
Day 23: Friday Jul :29th
Suicide of Vincent Van Gogh
Day 24: Saturday Jul :30th
Day 25: Sunday Jul :31st
Day 27: Tuesday Aug :2nd
Death of William S. Burroughs
Day 28: Wednesday Aug :3rd
Death of Arthur Lee