Day 5

July 11th 2018

Can you see the cres­cent moon in the sky today? It’s get­ting down to noth­ing more than a sliv­er. Now’s the per­fect time to dance to ‘Hol­len­tanz’ by Günter Schick­ert.

Oh, this record­ing ver­i­ta­bly crack­les with the par­ty strains of Woden’s wild hunt and dry brack­en under the bare feet of dancers in a young for­est. From Schickert’s only-recent­ly-reis­sued epic album KINDER IN DER WILDNIS (Child in the Wilder­ness), ‘Hol­len­tanz’, along with sev­er­al oth­er stand­out tracks, is ample evi­dence of why Krautrock has remained such a sus­tain­ing life-force.

How can such a grand artist as Schick­ert remain unsung, even to many gen­uine Kraut afi­ciona­dos? It must be because he spent so much of the 70s in a behind-the-scenes role – rou­tin­ing Far East Fam­i­ly Band’s epic trip-out LP PARALLEL WORLD, keep­ing the synths of Klaus Schulze hap­py when the lat­ter was on tour – Shickert’s free-pow­er-trio GAM bare­ly reg­is­ter­ing, his 1974 album SAMTVOGEL his sole major 70s release.

So do search out KINDER IN DER WILDNIS – but, in the mean­time, hang on to your hats with ‘Hol­len­tanz’.

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