Cerebrating the seismic lives of
Syd Barrett & Arthur Lee

A Full Lunar Month of Cerebrations
(Advent calendar operational from July 7th)

Fri Friday
Sat Saturday
Sun Sunday
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Thu Thursday
Day 1: Friday Jul 7th
Day 2: Saturday Jul 8th
Day 3: Sunday Jul 9th
Day 4: Monday Jul 10th
Day 5: Tuesday Jul 11th
Day 6: Wednesday Jul 12th
Day 7: Thursday Jul 13th
Day 8: Friday Jul 14th
Day 9: Saturday Jul 15th
Day 10: Sunday Jul 16th
Day 11: Monday Jul 17th
Day 12: Tuesday Jul 18th
Day 13: Wednesday Jul 19th
Day 14: Thursday Jul 20th
Day 15: Friday Jul 21st
Day 16: Saturday Jul 22nd
Day 17: Sunday Jul 23rd
Day 18: Monday Jul 24th
Day 19: Tuesday Jul 25th
Day 20: Wednesday Jul 26th
Day 21: Thursday Jul 27th
Day 22: Friday Jul 28th
Day 23: Saturday Jul 29th
Day 24: Sunday Jul 30th
Day 25: Monday Jul 31st
Day 27: Wednesday Aug 2nd
Day 28: Thursday Aug 3rd

Hear Ye, Hear ye – we’re ring­ing in the sec­ond SydArthur Fes­ti­val. Eleven years ago, in 2006, two psy­che­del­ic giants left this earth just 28 days apart. A full lunar month: how poet­ic. Such poet­ry in their deaths oblig­es us to come togeth­er under the moon to cel­e­brate, nay cer­e­brate, for the entire time between Syd Barrett’s wax­ing and Arthur Lee’s Wan­ing. More­over, this sec­ond SydArthur Fes­ti­val for­tu­itous­ly coin­cides with the 50th anniver­sary of the Sum­mer of Love, there­by giv­ing us the grand oppor­tu­ni­ty to hon­our that aspi­ra­tional and right­eous coun­ter­cul­tur­al moment.

The Sum­mer of Love was a time of rad­i­cal per­son­al lib­er­a­tion, a seek­ing of high­er con­scious­ness through psy­che­delics and a whole­sale rejec­tion of The Estab­lish­ment. Per­haps the intend­ed end-game of those pri­ma­ry pro­tag­o­nists of The Sum­mer of Love could – in light of their lofty hopes and dreams – be seen in hind­sight to have failed, or even been thwart­ed by gov­ern­ment agen­cies. But nev­er­the­less what remains and what is for­ev­er remem­bered is the extra­or­di­nary sound­track to that Door­way time. It was a Gold­en Age where music reigned supreme, the ulti­mate son­ic man­i­fes­ta­tion of the man­i­festo. And of course Syd and Arthur them­selves were key par­tic­i­pants in this time, both of whom flour­ished and pro­duced their respec­tive mas­ter­pieces. Accord­ing­ly, we have select­ed 28 songs from 1967 to help us cer­e­brate each day of this year’s SydArthur Festival.

By dint of hav­ing died just one lunar month apart, Syd and Arthur have giv­en us the rich oppor­tu­ni­ty to make a car­ni­val time of this serendip­i­tous cos­mic acci­dent. Acci­dent? Do the heroes of west­ern cul­ture move in any less mys­te­ri­ous man­ner than the gods of ancient times? Let’s take advan­tage of their overt poet­ry, of their celes­tial dance, and avail our­selves of the chance to build the first tru­ly psy­chic and near-reli­gious rock’n’roll fes­ti­val. For this is – in the psy­che­del­ic spir­it of its two major play­ers – a mind-man­i­fest­ing fes­ti­val. No pricey tick­ets, no camp­ing like sar­dines in some infer­nal swamp. For those of you who choose to engage in these pro­ceed­ings, you may do so from your own homes, your favourite areas, but most specif­i­cal­ly from with­in your own minds.

Between the pil­lars of Arthur and Syd lies a rich fer­tile land inhab­it­ed by a mul­ti­tude of psy­che­del­ic events and of artists, authors and prac­ti­tion­ers whose births and deaths fall with­in this 28-day peri­od. These too are venerated.

Let us put our minds togeth­er, deeply con­sid­er these peo­ple and events, and in doing so har­ness the ener­gy of their seis­mic actions. Over­all, dur­ing this moon tour let us con­scious­ly raise our Col­lec­tive Consciousness.